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American Music Club Lyrics

Animal PenApology For An Accident
Asleep.At My Mercy
Bad LiquorBig Night
Blue & Grey ShirtCan You Help Me?
Cape CanaveralChallenger
Chanel No. 5Clouds
CrabwalkDallas, Airports, Bodybags
Dreamers Of The DreamElbow Deep
Electric LightEx-girlfriend
Gary's SongGratitude Walks
Heaven Of Your HandsHello Amsterdam
Here They Roll DownHighway 5
Hollywood 4-5-92How Many Six Packs Does It Take
Hula MaidenI Broke My Promi
I Just Took My Two Sleeping PillsI Just Took My Two Sleeping Pills And
I'll Be GoneI've Been A Mess
If I Had A HammerIn My Role As The Most Hated Singer
In The Shadow Of The ValleyIt's Your Birthday
JennyJesus' Hands
Johnny Mathis' FeetKathleen
Keep Me AroundLast Harbor
Laughing StockLonely
Love Doesn't BelongMemo From Aquatic Park
Miracle On 3rd St.Mom's Tv
Never MindNightwatchman
Now You're DefeatedOutside This Bar
Over And DonePale & Skinny Girl
RiseRoyal Cafe
Sick Of FoodSomewhere
The Amyl Nitrate Dreams Of Pat RobertsonThe Art Of Love
The Confidential AgentThe Dead Part Of You
The Dream Is GoneThe Hopes And Dreams Of Heaven's 10,000 Whores
The President's Test For Physical FitnessThe Revolving Door
The Right ThingThe Thorn In My Side Is Gone
The Thorn In My Side Is Gone (alternate Version)This Year
United KingdomWestern Sky
What Godzilla Said To God When His Name Wasn't Found In The Book Of LifeWhat Holds The World Together
What The Pillar Of Salt Held UpWhy Won't You Stay?
Will You Find Me?Wish The World Away
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Song American Music Club Lyrics.
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